Traditional Santorini fava beans puree

with smoked pork from Mani, caramelized onions and cappers

Tirokafteri –puree of local soft cream cheeses

With spicy red peppers

Baked asparagus

With cherry tomatoes, olives, chilly and basil

Homemade kebabs

Accompanied with pita bread, yoghurt sauce and spicy butter

Grilled Talagani* cheese

With tomato marmalade and vegetable tagliatelle

Baked oven aubergine

With fresh tomato sauce and feta* cheese

Rolls with mixed cheese

Flavored with peppermint, greek honey and pistachio

Basket of bread 


Slow cooked octopus

In Mavrodaphne * wine on a bed of smoked white aumbergine

Deep fried calamari

With tarama sauce

Steamed mussels

With saffron, chili butter and distilled extract