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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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Traditional Santorini fava beans puree

with grilled calamari and capers

Grilled Talagani cheese

Served with marinated zucchini, tomato marmalade and ginger

Grilled eggplant

layered with fresh tomato, basil and mastelo from Chios (white cheese) in sour cream sauce

Grilled Red sweet peppers from Florina

stuffed with feta, xinomizithra (white goat cheese) and dill

Smoked chicken Apaki

with ground chickpeas, aromatic herbs and tahini (sesame paste) sauce

Homemade kebabs

with beef and pork mince accompanied with pita bread, yoghurt,tomato sauce and spicy butter

Deep fried calamari

with tarama sauce

Smoked trout

with potato salad, aromatic herbs in basil pesto and capers

Slow cooked octopus

with honey and caramelized onions

Soup of the day

Basket of bread